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Truth & Purpose

As a marketing professional I spend a lot of time thinking about truth and purpose becuase after all, at the end of the day that's what we're all looking for and motivated by. It's the starting point for every project whether building an online community or launching a new product. The goal is always the same, expose the truth of the subject to clarify its purpose.

From Apple to Visa to United Airlines everyone one of my clients whom I have had the privilege of working for has required the same exercise of consideration that exposes a specific truth behind the motivation that drives desire.


One of the most satisfying experiences in Marketing comes after all research and analysis has been presented; there's always a moment when the message crystalizes and truth revels itself as a singular point of view, like the fin on Pininfarina's Cadillac - there's no other shape or explaination that can answer the question as well.


It doesn't matter what size the campaign because the reward is always the same, being a witness to perfection.


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